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I've done a lot of things over my 40+ years as an economic developer and business owner. Along the way I have celebrated personal and professional success and suffered heartbreaking losses. In addition to being an economic developer, I am a certified business mentor, a community planner, technical writer, publisher, data analyst, business analyst and broker, and an excellent utility player for organizations needing temporary professional staffing. I seek opportunities to share what I've learned.  Contact me at: jim@jimedmonson.com.



Important Data for Business, Developers, and Financiers

Below I have provided some great links to help you analyze and improve your business and your bottom line, perform market research, develop a business plan, or prepare proposals and applications.  Some are very large data bases, so be patient and give them a chance to load.  Sometimes these links do become old so please notify me if one fails at jim@jimedmonson.com.  I'll make the fix. If you need help determining what it all means, I do that too.

** NEW ** Input/Output Model:  http://www.wiod.org/new_site/home.htm

Determine the Best Location for Your Business (Census):

American Fact Finder (Census):

Everything on People, Places, Employers, and Prices (USDOL):

Portal to US Data, All Types and Locations:

On-line Data for Site Selectors and Economic Development (StateBook):

On-Line Data Mapping (Census On the Map):

Regional Employment and Income Data, GDP, Input-Output (BEA):

Population, Historical (Census):

Population, Current Estimates (Census):

Monthly Employment Status Report (BLS):

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (BLS):

Occupational Employment Statistics (BLS):

Wall Street Journal Economic Indicators: 

Change in Monthly US Employment by Sector (BLS):

GDP by Metropolitan Area (BEA):

Regional Economic Summaries Prepared Monthly (BLS):

Federal Government Data:


Milken’s Best Cities Ranking:

Education Performance by State:

Need data?  City, County, State or U.S. Send Jim a note at:

The Medicine Man

I am Excited...My Blood Sugar was 79 mg/dL...and that’s Exciting News for Me!

That’s great for me considering I started out at 380 mg/dL.  I now float between 80 and 120 mg/dL with occasional readings up to 140 after a meal and the recent low I had at 79.  I set targets along the way beginning with below 250, then below 200, then 150. 

Diet, Exercise, and Herbal Supplements To Treat Type 2 Diabetes  

I am most excited because I am a Type 2 diabetic and I did it without metformin

That’s right, no metformin, or any other prescription.  I adjusted my diet, I perform mild exercise, and I take herbal supplements.  Oh, stress is a huge elevator of blood sugar so I keep that in check the best I can.  

Nothing White 

I cut out all white food; flour, sugar, rice, and potatoes.  I know, I know...how boring.  It was really hard at first, but now, the only thing I miss is pizza. (And once I stabilize, I going to have a celebratory pizza, flatbread style, no gluten.) It’s basically a low carbohydrate or a paleo diet.  I try to keep my daily intake below 50 grams, sometimes I stretch that to 70 grams per day.  That means I eat lots of meat, fruits and vegetables.  I am a big meat eater so it works for me.  Fruit and vegetables have carbs so I keep an eye on volume.  I do this by using small plates.  No more massive dinner plates for me.  There is natural sugar in fruit, but I control that through volume intake also.  A half an apple or pear at one sitting.

No Snacking

My biggest struggle with eating is breaking a bad habit I have of constant nibbling.  Even if it is low or no carbs, the constant eating ruins my numbers.

I exercise 5-6 days a week.  I am 62 years old, I am 5’10” and weigh 170 lbs.; with knees and ankles that won’t endure running or jogging, but I have found that 20-30 minutes of fast walking or bicycling works just fine.  Mowing the yard works as an exercise session too.  Shoveling snow would work too.

The other key to my success is the supplements I take.   These include a combination of herbs known to lower blood sugar and cholesterol: bitter melon; white mulberry leaves, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger.  I found the best blend is offered in Level Right.  I add to that ginger, turmeric, and the white mulberry leaves.  Take each as directed.

I feel great, I tightened my belt a notch, sometimes two, and have a new target of staying below 120!